Hi, I’m Nathan.

I help people and teams unleash their innate creativity for positive impact in their lives and the world.

Intrinsically motivated designer.

Over 20 years in print, web, app, game, product, service, experience, platform, brand, system, business, strategy, organisation, learning, and culture design.

Creative, collaborative, compassionate, practising disciplined innovation with child-like curiosity.

Recently, Director of Learning at IDEO — helping people learn how to navigate change through design, creativity, and play.

Previously, Head of Design at Disney Interactive Labs in California, founder of a boutique design studio in Tokyo, co-founder of an online education startup, and designer with in-house teams and agencies in Tokyo, London, and Auckland.


I’m active on LinkedIn, X, and Medium.

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I enjoy playing records with friends at intimate gatherings, some of which is available on Mixcloud.

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I enjoy participating in the global design community of students, professionals, and industry leaders.

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A little girl was in a drawing lesson. She was six. The teacher said this girl hardly ever paid attention, and in this drawing lesson, she did. The teacher was fascinated. She went over to her and said, ‘What are you drawing?’ The girl said, ‘I’m drawing a picture of God.’ The teacher said, ‘But nobody knows what God looks like.’ The girl said, ‘They will in a minute.’

Sir Ken Robinson, Do Schools Kill Creativity?