Hi, I’m Nathan Paterson. Welcome to my personal website. 👋🏼

Intrinsically motivated New Zealand-born designer currently based in Los Angeles, California. Over 15 years in print, web, app, game, product, experience, brand, story, organisation, and culture design. Creative, empathetic, entrepreneurial, practising disciplined innovation with child-like curiosity.

I’m currently a research and design lead at Disney.

Before Disney, I built my own design studio in Tokyo, and worked at agencies and with in-house teams in Tokyo, London, and Auckland.


I’m active on Twitter, Instagram, and Medium.

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I enjoy playing records with friends at intimate gatherings, some of which is on Mixcloud.

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I love participating in a thriving design community of students, professionals, and industry leaders.

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If you’d like to chat, feel free to send me an email.

Messages in English and Japanese welcome. All others welcome too, but know I’ll be using a translation robot.